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A Message From the CEO

What’s in a number? Perhaps many different things and different meanings to different people. The number 9,869 is especially meaningful to us at Easterseals Louisiana. 9,869 represents the number of individuals supported through our programs and services this year. Included in that number are teens who completed our PEERS Social Skills training program and are now making friends and social connections in their communities. Also, in that number are adults who were previously homeless who now have housing opportunities. There are also babies with developmental delays who are learning to walk and talk because of the hard work done by our Service Coordinators across the State.

To others, that number of 9,869 means something different, something that transcends quantity. It means empowerment, inclusion and hope.  It means employment for adults living with intellectual disabilities, and it means options for seniors to remain in their homes rather than facility placement.

To us at Easterseals Louisiana, that number represents 9,869 opportunities. Opportunities for people of all ages with physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities or behavioral health challenges to live their best lives possible.

For the last 99 years, Easterseals has helped people with disabilities live, learn, work and play in their communities and as our 100th year approaches, now’s our chance to expand our reach. We are committed to a future where everyone of us is 100% included and 100% empowered. 

What’s in a number? A collective voice of over 200 employees and Board Members and 400 volunteers who champion our mission day in and day out. Thank you for being in our number.

With Warm Regards,

Tracy Garner


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Leadership Team

Leadership Team


CHAIRMAN - Bradley J. Spedale

VICE CHAIRMAN - Christian A. Garbett, Sr.

SECRETARY - Tommy A. Tizzard III

TREASURER  - Dennis J. Tizzard


Anthony Bondi

Kirsten M. Breckinridge

Deborah Coleman

Amy Corcoran

Gena Gore

Charles A. Haydel, Jr., M.D.

Mike Salter

Patrick J. Yoes, Sr.

Lifetime / Emeritus Members

Ronnie Kole

Gardner Kole

Terry Snyder

Our leaders work hard to plan for the future of Easterseals Louisiana!

Want to learn more about the future of Easterseals Louisiana? Check out our 2016-2017 Strategic Plan, here!

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