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Support Coordination

Easterseals Louisiana's Support Coordination assists children with disabilities and their families in finding and securing needed services and direct assistance such as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security Disability. With offices located throughout the state, Easterseals Louisiana has become a community leader in helping families in need of assistance access and secure the services appropriate for a person's specific needs. Easterseals' Support Coordinators not only help people with disabilities locate services and assistance, but will play an active role in the coordination of services to ensure that each individual's needs are being met. Click here for more information. 

Behavioral Health Services

Easterseals Louisiana assists individuals living with chronic mental illness by providing safe and affordable housing and mental health stability with the goal of improving function within a community, social interaction, employment, and gaining independence. Our trained mental healthcare staff understands the needs and challenges faced by individuals living with mental illness. Easterseals' Mental Health Services specifically target children and adults living with severe and persistent mental illness, who appear to be eligible for Medicaid/SSI benefits based on their income, but who have otherwise failed to qualify for those benefits on their own. Click here for more information.

PEERS Program

PEERS (Program for the Evaluation and Enrichment of Relational Skills) is a parent-assistend evidence based intervention focusing on teens in middle and high school who are having difficulty making or keeping friends. Developing and keeping friendships coorelates positively with self-esteem and indepence. The intervention includes seperate parent and teen sessions which meet at the same time for 90-minutes each week over a 14-week period. 

Research indicates that parents can have significant effects upon their adolescent’s friendships, both in terms of direct instruction and supervision, as well as, supporting their adolescent development of an appropriate peer network. The group focuses on skills that include having conversations, different forms of communications, choosing appropriate friends, handling bullying, how to enter/exit conversations, appropriate use of humor, and managing arguments/disagreements with friends  

Each session builds upon skills learned in previous sessions. Homework is given at the end of each session and is reviewed at the beginning of the next session. Newly learned skills are rehearsed by the adolescents in each session, during which they receive feedback from the certified facilitator and coaches who are students from local colleges. 

Admission to the training includes a phone screening with the parent and then a face to face intake with the parent and the adolescent.  Testing is conducted during the face to face intake.  These same tests are re-administered after the training to collect data on the adolescent’s progress. Class capacity is between six (6) to eight (8) adolescents. 

Learning to make and keep friends may be especially difficult for adolescents with ASD, ADHD, anxiety or depression because the natural development and transmission of necessary peer etiquette requires generally positive and sustained interaction with peers and learning from best friends.  Frequent isolation, which is common among adolescents with ASD, may make social deficits more pronounced. ESL’s goals are to teach the skills necessary to make and keep friends so that it will have a significant lifelong impact for adolescents with ASD, ADHD, anxiety or depression.  

If you’d like to learn more about this program, please contact us at to schedule a visit. For a pdf. version of our flier, please click here.

Campership Program

Easterseals Louisiana is proudly partnering with Camp ASCCA in Alabama and Camp ABLE in Louisiana to send as many kids with special needs to camp as possible this summer. From campfire sing-a-longs and late night ghost stories, to boating, nature walks, swimming, and arts and crafts, Easterseals camps provide the same excitement and activity available at other summer camp programs. The difference? Easterseals campers experience the joys and challenges of camp in a fully-accessible setting. Click here for more information. 

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