Autism Diagnostic Clinic
The Regional Medical & Autism Diagnostic Clinic provides a series of thorough evaluations that have been carefully chosen to provide a comprehensive picture of each individual child.  The diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is a complex process and Easterseals uses the gold standard method of diagnosis recognized by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.   Every evaluation is completed by a licensed professional specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of ASDs. All totaled, these evaluations provide at least eight hours of intensive one on one services with the child and their family.  At the end of the evaluation the entire team meets with the family to discuss test results, diagnosis and recommendations. 

Early Intervention 
Early intervention is designed to help babies and toddlers meet their developmental milestones. Qualified professionals work with parents and children up to the age of three years old who are experiencing delays in their development. The goal of early intervention is for children to reach their highest level of development. Therapists work closely with parents and other family members to teach them how to help their young child learn the skills they need to develop as they grow such as rolling over, sitting up, picking things up with their hands, walking and talking.

Inclusive Child Care
A child’s environment and social experience in their first three years of life is critical to their brain development and can have a decisive, long-lasting impact on their well-being and ability to learn. For many parents, this is enough to make finding high-quality child care a top priority. The Easterseals Child Development Center Network responds to the needs and concerns of parents with children of all abilities.

Jump Start
Jump Start is an Early Childhood program for those families who qualify, providing parent education and support services to families in Will, Grundy, and Kendall   Counties. Families are eligible for services throughout pregnancy and until their child reaches age 3.

Pediatric Therapy
Medical rehabilitation focuses primarily on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disabilities to help individuals live as independently as possible. Successful rehabilitation is influenced greatly by the positive belief that individuals can make up for the loss of one sense or ability through training, practice and focusing on their abilities rather than on their disability.

Special Home Placement
Easterseals specialized foster care program focuses on children with disabilities and teenagers. We also have traditional children (children without disabilities) within our foster care program. Easterseals offers a full range of services and referrals to fit each child's individual needs.

Residential and Social Services 
The goal of Easterseals residential programs is to provide options for assisted living in community settings, to maximize independence in activities of daily living, to promote the achievement of vocational potential, and to foster community integration.

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