Behavior Services

What we do:

  • Selection of maladaptive behavior or behavioral skill deficit
  • Identification of goals and objectives
  • Establishment of a method of measuring target behavior
  • Evaluation of the current levels of performance
  • Design and implementation of the interventions that teach new skills and/or reduce maladaptive behaviors
  • Continuous measurement of target behaviors to determine the effectiveness of the intervention, and
  • Ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of the intervention, with modifications made as needed.
  • Consult, as needed, with schools and day programs.

Determination of Services:

  • Frequency of behaviors interferes with functioning
  • Behavior causes risk of significant injury to self or others
  • Behavior causes loss of independence
  • Behavior results in risk of significant damage to property
  • Behavior places individual at risk for loosing placement
  • Psychotropic medication use

Goals of services:

  • To provide tools to both client and person directly working with him/her
  • Improve quality of life by teaching adaptive skills and replacement behaviors
  • Maintain human rights by identifying clinically appropriate procedures to address problem behavior.
  • To outline procedures ensuring the safety of both client and personal support.


Programs served:
Family Support and Assistance:
In-home services, for families with children and adolescents: ranging in age from 3 to 21 yrs of age with a primary diagnosis of developmental disability.

Foster care:
Easterseals Joliet Region foster care program supports typical and specialized wards of the state.

Community Living Arrangements for adults with developmental disability ages 18+

Location: Will, Grundy, Kankakee, Iroquois, Kendall, and Ford counties

Funding Accepted:

Private Pay

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