THE ABC’S OF CAREGIVING – The good, the bad, and the humorous

THE ABC’S OF CAREGIVING – The good, the bad, and the humorous

The Tuesday’s at Easterseals Caregiver Support Group have a combined 100+ years of experience in caregiving. When asked what words they associated with caregiving, they came up with an interesting mix of the good and the bad of caregiving….and a little laughter along the way.

Maybe one or two of these words will resonate with you, whether you have been, or currently are a caregiver. Some words are open to interpretation, but most are as easy as ABC to recognize.

A – Advocate, ask, answers, acceptance, anticipation, anxiety, absence, angry, apathy, adrenaline, affirmation

B – Brainstorming, battleground, busyness, balance

C – Compassion, caring, connections, courage, creativity, communication, changes, crazy, concern, confusing, confidence, challenging, comfort

D – Delegating, depression, difficulty, dedication, dependence, discovery, deflating, damned if I do; damned if I don’t

E – Empowerment, exhaustion, effort, existing, educational, energizing, engaging, emotional, effort, exercise, empathy, enough

F – Fearless, forgiveness, fiblets, fortitude, faith, fear, frustration, family, friends, frankness

G – Gratitude, goodness, grief

H – Heartfelt, hopeful, hopeless, hateful, helpful, helpless, heartbreaking

I – Imaginative, intense, incidents, impossible, inventive, involved, imbalance

J – Journey, joy, just do it

K – Kindness, knowledge, kudos

L – Laughter, loneliness, loss, lost, love, last

M – Momentum, moments, memorable, money, mental, mind-boggling, mad, moody, management

N – Nostalgic, never-ending, neurological, nervous, neglect, nobody comes around

O – Optimistic, organization, overwhelmed, old, ostracized, oneself, openness, opportunity, overburdened

P – Patience, passionate, praise, pessimistic, pooped, plausible, possible, perturbed, privilege, powerless, protective, perpetual, precious, present

Q – Questions, quit, queasy, quality, quick-tempered, quaint

R – Resilient, respect, reliance, responsibility, rest, respite, resolve, remember, reminisce, rewards, rewind, redefined, relationships

S – Support, strength, sincere, sympathy, space, symbiotic, stymied, sadness, sorrow, suffering, sensitive, sentimental, sleep-deprived, strong, selfless, self-esteem, self-doubt, stressful

T – Thankful, tired, trust, turmoil, terrified, tense, timeless, tested

U – Understanding, unhappy, unbelievable, unreliable, uncertainty, unpredictable, underappreciated, unexpected, underrated, uplifting

V – Values, volatile, vivacious, victorious, veritable, very very…

W – Warrior, worry, without, wrong, why me, what’s up, what the hell, wonderment, waiting, winging it, worthwhile, waiting, wisdom

X – (e)Xtreme, x-generation

Y – You, yearning, yield, young-hearted

Z – Zealous, zapping, zombie, zzzzzzz

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