Each week, at our Tuesday’s at Easterseals Family Caregiver Support Group, our caregiver’s share their stories, their ideas, their frustrations, and their joys.

Recently, I asked them, “From a caregiver perspective, how do you want to be remembered?” Below, is what they shared.

I want to be remembered that…

·         I was stronger than I thought I was, or could ever be.

·         I did my best, and I was blessed to have support to help me on the journey.

·         I did all that I could. I was there for my loved one.

·         I was not selfish. I was not selfless. I was self-FULL.

·         I was an advocate for my loved one… and I was an advocate for myself.

·         I could stand alone, and be ok. I am still standing. I am resilient.

·         I was always there; no regrets.

·         I found my weaknesses; they made me stronger.

·         Some things are beyond my control. I learned how to let go of what I couldn’t control, and embraced what I could control/do.

·         I cherished myself for what I was able to do. I was proud to have been the best caregiver that I could have been.

·         Caregiving was a surprising gift; I will treasure the time I had with my loved one and appreciate all that I was capable of doing.

·         I learned how to provide care and compassion for my loved one, and for me.

 Happiness is not what makes us grateful. It is gratefulness that makes us happy.

~ Br. David Steindl-Rast

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