Transparency Report

 Easterseals Joliet Region, Inc.

Annual Transparency Report

January – December 2022

As an accredited, licensed charitable organization, Easterseals Joliet Region engages in a coordinated set of activities designed to ensure the appropriate use of resources in executing the mission.  The Transparency Report outlines findings and recommendations from any external audit as well as the acceptance of financial reporting by funding sources.  The Transparency report will be posted on the organizational website.

Easterseals Joliet Region administers diverse funding to include commercial insurance, early intervention, foundation grants, subsidized child care, Medicaid, Medicaid waiver, private grants/contributions, private pay, school district contracts, state contracts/grants, investments, client social security and other sources.   $.91 of every dollar is allocated to direct program services to children and adults with disabilities, those with special needs and their families.

The organization assures transparency and compliance with the completion of monthly financial statements,  cost-center reports, quarterly budget reviews, and a segregation of staff duties. The Annual Independent Audit was performed with no materials findings. All required financial reporting was acceptable.  Quarterly expenditure reports were submitted to the Illinois State Board of Education.  Quarterly payroll tax returns and 990 non-profit tax returns were filed timely with the federal and state governments. Consolidated financial reporting was submitted with no findings for the Department of Human Services and Department of Children and Family Services.  Easterseals Joliet Region is a member of an affiliated network under the umbrella of Easterseals Inc. with headquarters in Chicago.  As such the organization subscribes to requirements of doing business under the brand name of Easterseals and contribute positively to its’ national reputation.  Financial reporting to the National Headquarters was submitted successfully.

Easterseals Joliet Region, Inc. maintains an independent Fraud hotline to report matters pertaining to embezzlement, misappropriation, theft, or misuse of company assets or intellectual property; conflicts of interest, bribery, kickbacks, corruption, and self-dealing; accounting errors, omissions, misrepresentations, or internal control problems; financial statement fraud or falsification of contracts, reports or documents; identity theft, security of personal information, privacy concerns, or HIPPA compliance. There were no reportable incidents from the Fraud Hotline.  The independent Fraud hotline can be accessed online at; Company ID: ESJoliet or by phoning or faxing to 1-855-FRAUD-HL.

Material litigation, filed by a previous foster parent on behalf of her adopted son alleging an incident in 2010 that occurred in their home remains active.  Easterseals Joliet Region is represented through First Nonprofit Insurance.  This case is disclosed in the agency audit.

In summary, Easterseals Joliet Region assures an accounting system that allows for accurate, current, and complete disclosure of financial results and facilitates compliant financial reporting. The agency has adequate fiscal controls in effect to safeguard requirements and substantially complies with specific administrative and fiscal requirements.  Effective oversight is provided by the governing body that manages the organization’s activities and assets in the best interest of the public’s purposes for which Easterseals exists.


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