Camp Lily Berks Improvements

Summer 2022

A $29,850 grant from The Neag Foundation is funding improvements and enhancements to our Camp Lily-Berks campground in order to meet the evolving needs of campers. The project includes converting an existing space into a sensory room, installing a new pool lift, refurbishing all the swing sets, purchasing new indoor seating, and updating and adding many other features.

We are especially pleased to provide a sensory room for campers. Sensory rooms are spaces that provide sensory experiences designed specifically to help individuals with autism and other sensory processing disorders to feel calm, supported, and focused. It is used to de-escalate intense behavioral episodes, and as a sanctuary for escaping sensory overload, a tool for self-calming, and even a therapeutic space for building skills. We renovated an existing room inside the building by repainting the walls and modifying the lighting to create a soothing environment. The space is outfitted with items to help engage the senses using light, color, smell, sound and touch like a fiber optic wall curtain, sensory wall panels, gel floor tiles, sensory bins, weighted blankets, and sensory seating.

Additional improvements inside the building include a new gaming table, couches, chairs, and bean bag chairs. The covered patio attached to the building will be outfitted with composite activity tables to make it a more functional space. Outside, a new pool lift has been installed. It is used to transfer swimmers with limited mobility in and out of the pool, ensuring all campers can enjoy swim time safely. The three swing sets in the playground have been professionally repainted and outfitted with new swings. We chose a combination of traditional belt swings, saucer/platform swings, and arm swings. We will also be adding one or two sensory fixtures to the playground. A new backboard with hoop has been installed in the half basketball court.

We are grateful to The Neag Foundation for their continued support in meeting the needs of the children and young adults we serve. Over the past few years, the foundation has provided grant funding to purchase equipment for our outpatient therapy center, including a biometric treadmill, lite gait, motorized changing table, and a climbing wall. 

About The Neag Foundation
The Neag Foundation serves as a philanthropic force for positive change in education, health, and human services initiatives dedicated to improving the human condition and making a positive difference in the world. It supports requests to improve and enhance education, human services and make a medical impact, primarily in Pennsylvania and Connecticut. The foundation’s mission is to provide grants that improve and enhance communities. In all cases, the goal is the same: to make a positive impact and help people live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

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