Meet Sahar

SOH Sahar

Sahar is an inquisitive, energetic child who is quick to learn. After she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and a speech delay, her parents were eager to find the right supports to get Sahar where she needed to be before starting kindergarten. Their relationship with Easterseals began with the ABA Therapy program, where they worked one-on-one with an ABA therapist to learn communication techniques and interventions to reduce challenging behaviors. Sahar’s mother states, “it was like a gate that needed to open for us to make a difference in Sahar’s life finally opened. With Easterseals, we felt like we found a place where we had backup and support. Sometimes as a parent, you don’t know what to do for your child and there is nowhere to go for guidance. Easterseals is our place to go. We trust them because they are experts, and they know our daughter and they know what we are going through."

Sahar also received Easterseals Supplemental Developmental Supports through the Make the First Five Count program while she was on the waiting list for speech therapy and occupational therapy. This bridge program provides families with individualized learning sessions with a child development specialist to educate the family and implement interventions so that valuable opportunities for growth are not lost while waiting for services. Sahar’s parents, Yasmin and Tony, learned activities to do at home to support Sahar’s development. Each week, they met virtually with an Easterseals child development specialist to discuss the effect the interventions were having, review any challenges, and introduce new activities or strategies.

Through their experiences with Easterseals, Yasmin and Tony learned that as parents they play a vital role in their daughter’s development. The knowledge, skills and techniques they gained have empowered them to advocate for the best possible supports for their daughter and to seek out the right kind of providers for the journey.

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