Industrial Services

The Easter Seals' Production Department is a multi-functional workforce employing approximately 40 clients and 7 staff members.  Some of the largest companies in the CSRA utilize our cost effective and efficient services to meet their production needs.  John Deere, Club Car, Glit-Microtron, Procter & Gamble, Frigidaire, Very Vera and Augusta Mailworks are just some of the businesses that routinely utilize our services. 

The workshop features 37,500 square feet of accessible work space and has compressed air throughout.  Contracted jobs that are routinely performed include subassembly, packaging, sorting, bulk mail, and repackaging work. 

Easter Seals is required by business customers to meet their quality standards as would any other vendor or supplier.  As a matter of fact, some companies require that quality audits be performed on a regular basis.  Each company has unique processes and requirements and the workshop must be flexible enough to match the job to the expectation of the customer.  The Easter Seals "do what it takes" attitude has kept businesses coming back to Easter Seals for their production needs.

The Easter Seals' workforce allows customers to have flexibility during their peak business periods without increasing their staff and associated expenses.  Easter Seals' labor rates are very competitive because of our vocational mission to train people with disabilities.  As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, with over 40 years of experience partnering with industry, many business customers have used the Easter Seals workshop very effectively for many years.  

Located in the old Colonial Bakery building at 1500 Wrightsboro Road, Easter Seals has a large production and storage facility with 7 dock doors and compressed air available throughout the building allowing for accommodation of just about any type of industrial need.  An added convenience offered to customers is the ability to pick up and deliver product on a timely basis in our new 26-foot International box truck or pickup trucks and vans for smaller loads. 

The focus of the Production Department at Easter Seals is to set up a real work environment in order to train our clients with disabilities to move on to jobs in industry.   With the help of our customers and the varied work that we do, we have indeed set up a real work environment similar to what may be found in the community. Every day people leave Easter Seals to become independent working citizens in our community.

Interested in contracting for production services?

In order to effectively bid on a job, Easter Seals' production staff requires a sample of the work to be done to be brought  in-house where it is set up and produced. After a comfortable work pattern has been established, a time study is performed.  Due to the complexities and variance of the jobs submitted, quotes cannot be given unless this procedure is followed. 

Easter Seals appreciates the opportunity to be of service to your organization.  You will find us flexible, cost effective, efficient and dedicated to your quality expectations.  For additional information or potential bids, please contact us. 

Easter Seals has Commercial Custodial Services too!   

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