Planning for L.I.F.E. on the Spectrum


This program is geared to assist young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders to transition more comfortably into the adult world.   The program includes opportunities for:

  • Vocational and academic experiences
  • Personal and social adjustment training
  • Transportation planning
  • Community involvement
  • Recreational activities

Through our experiences with this young adult population and their parents we have become very aware that it is very difficult for these individuals to network and form social relationships once they transition out of their high school setting.  We began sponsoring monthly social gatherings with various themes (gaming, music exchanges, movie nights, sports nights) that these young people can attend in safe and caring environments.  We have been able to use some “free” community facilities, but we have also had to pay rental and other fees to sponsor these events.  We organized providing pizza, beverages, and other refreshments as well.  We would like to eventually generate or obtain funds to pay facility utilization fees, and expand our horizons to have outings at community recreational sites that charge user fees (bowling, skating, baseball games, miniature golf, concerts, etc.) and subsidize the fees of our “club” members so they can attend freely and enjoy the fellowship. For more information on why we started this program click here.

For more information on this program, please contact us.

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