Military & Veteran Services

We believe our veterans and military families can thrive where they live—and our mission is to ensure that’s possible in every community.  

Communities play a key role in the reintegration of veterans and military families, so we are working at a grassroots level to build local partnerships, share innovative approaches and connect those who had served with like-minded organizations working together for the greater good at the local level. 

The needs of veterans and military families are evolving, not disappearing.  We have worked with more than 560 communities, more than 20,000 organizations and thousands of like-minded individuals with the goal of improving success in education, meaningful employment and access to healthcare for those who have served.  We understand the grassroots solutions that are working—and those that are not.

We support the development of local systems that identify veterans and military families, focus on their needs and make solutions easily accessible. And through 72 Easterseals community affiliates, we deliver direct services and collaborate with local service providers to identify gaps in service and then work within the community to close those gaps.  

Financial Planning for Military and Veterans

Through a collaborative relationship, the Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) and Easterseals Dixon Center are sharing free financial planning tools developed specifically for veterans and military families. Through the use of these tools, people can learn how to:

•    Control spending and save more money

•    Raise credit scores and reduce credit debt

•    Save for retirement

•    Plan for big purchases like a house 

Veterans Caregiver Training & Respite Services

In collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Easterseals affiliates provide a Program of Comprehensive Support to eligible veteran caregivers.  To date, more than 20,000 people who care for a veteran at home have learned important skills:

•    Caregiver self-care

•    Home safety

•    Caregiver skills

•    Veteran personal care

•    Managing difficult behaviors 

•    Accessing support resources 

Services for Military and Veterans Communities

In communities nationwide, Easterseals Dixon Center and Easterseals affiliates are being asked to help meet the needs of America’s veterans and military families. We support their efforts to reach their personal and family goals – goals that will enable them to thrive where they live and become full participants within their own communities.

Community OneSource

Community OneSource serves as a personalized clearinghouse for veterans and military families.  The dedicated staff who oversee this toll-free number and email inquiry system provide information, system and resource navigation and personalized follow-up with an end goal of assisting veterans and military families to thrive where they live by better facilitating their reintegration back into home communities.

Advocacy & Education

Easterseals Dixon Center believes that veterans and military families deserve services delivered in an appropriate, timely, and accessible manner. The Easterseals government relations team is working in concert with Easterseals Dixon Center to influence federal and state legislation affecting veterans and military families and actively engages with Congressional staff in pursuit of these goals.

Resources and Related Links

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For more information about the Easterseals Dixon Center, contact us.

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