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Ambucs donates bikes to Easterseals consumers

Three Easterseals Eastern PA consumers’ dreams of having the ability to cruise the streets with their friends and siblings on their own set of wheels came true recently when the Pottstown Chapter of National AMBUCS, Inc. presented each child with a brand new, red trike.

The new trikes were donated with families paying what they are able toward the purchase price and AMBUC-Pottstown donating the balance. The trikes were donated by the Pottstown branch of AMBUCS Inc. through its therapeutic tricycle company, AmTryke. Eaterseals Eastern PA nominated the children to receive the trikes knowing that they would benefit from the increased physical activity and the independence that riding brings.

Every year, the Pottstown AMBUCS raises funds to give away trykes to children and adults. The AMBUCS mission is to create mobility and independence for people with disabilities. Members support the AmTryke therapeutic tricycle program and Scholarships for Therapists along with performing various other forms of local community service.

Last year, the Pottstown Chapter of National AMBUCS, Inc. generously donated five brand new AmTrykes to Easterseals for use in its outpatient therapy program in Reading. Our therapists use the trikes when providing physical therapy to children with low muscle tone or paralysis in lower extremities, and children with cerebral palsy who need to build up muscle tone and control. The five new trikes are various models that can accommodate children of different sizes and different physical needs. Two models have rotating handlebars and foot pedals that are connected to the same chain drive. This allows the rider to use their arms to help their legs in propelling the trike forward. Other models are propelled by foot pedals only. Our consumers and therapists can be seen using the trikes every day.

AmTrykes are unique therapeutic tricycles designed to allow people with disabilities to experience the fun and freedom of riding a bike. AmTryke makes foot trikes, hand trikes, and hand & foot trikes in a wide range of sizes--all at low cost. Nearly every rider can be successful, no matter their diagnosis, through their full line of highly adjustable trykes and myriad of adaptive accessories.


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