Meet Jayden


When Jayden first started at Easterseals last summer, it was hard for him to enter the classroom without crying; he had difficulty separating from his parents. Although he was nearly 2 years old, he struggled to walk independently. He also struggled in the classroom; he did not allow other children or adults near him. He preferred to be alone. His main form of communication was crying. Now, Jayden arrives to school happy; he walks from the main school entrance to the classroom, holding his teacher’s hand! As soon as he enters the classroom, he changes his picture from home to school on the welcome board, then he goes straight to his chair, recognizing his place at the table.

This year, Jayden has made tremendous progress in all areas! Jayden's communication skills and the use of words are improving every day. For example, when he sees a picture of fruit, he says “apple”, saying words like “up and down”, singing songs during circle time, and he has even started saying the names of the other students in the class. He also uses sign language, especially for words we constantly use, like “more, please, give me.” When Jayden does not want something, he shakes his head, letting the teacher know that he does not want what is in front of him. Jayden’s success story would not have been possible without the support of his family, and we are so proud of all his accomplishments! We look forward to watching him continue excelling and succeeding in school and in life.

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