Fabian Dares to be Different


Fabian is a non-verbal 9 years old diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  A happy student who enjoys coming to school, Fabian was taught to communicate using pecs, hand gestures, and a communication device which he points to items and it helps to facilitate his communication with teachers and classmates. Fabian has learned to eat independently and is now able to open snack wraps on his own. He communicates that he needs to go to the bathroom by showing the bathroom pec on the schedule or by showing us on his IPAD.  

Academically, Fabian continues to make daily improvements and can now identify colors, shapes, letters, letter sounds, and numbers.  He writes the letters and numbers independently (by rote counting) from 0-100. Fabian is currently working on single digit addition with the use of our unique learning curriculum and recognizing 1st grade sight words. We are proud of Fabians progress and look forward to continued improvement so that he can live, play, and learn to his full potential!

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