Dylan Loves Learning



Though Dylan started the school year late, it is amazing how quickly he has grown and become comfortable in the classroom. When Dylan first started at Easterseals South Florida, he kept to himself and had difficulties letting go of mom.  Imagine how scary it is for a young child to be left with someone new wearing a face mask and shield!  Dylan’s primary means of communication was non-verbal and he depended heavily on gestures to communicate his needs. During circle time and small group activities, he would observe but never participate. For nap time, he struggled with falling asleep on his own.

In a very short period, Dylan has made developmental gains.  The once quiet and non-participatory boy is now extremely social with classmates and teachers and displays joy in learning. Dylan no longer clings to his mother at drop-off, instead he smiles and races his teacher to get to the classroom first.  Instead of depending on gestures, Dylan has become quite vocal using his words more frequently to make requests or call on his teachers or peers by name to get their attention. Dylan is participating in activities voluntarily and shows eagerness to learn. He has no trouble following the class routine and transitioning to and from areas and activities.  He enjoys working on his motor skills: riding the largest tricycle available and mastering the pedals;  scribbling spontaneously; and building towering structure using wooden blocks. He proudly shows his completed work off to the teachers for praise.

Dylan continues to surprise us with his developmental gains, and it has been a pleasure to watch him grow and develop.  

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