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Outpatient Program

The Outpatient program provides a family-centered focus with the understanding that families know their children best and are better able to facilitate change when supported in carrying over strategies at home.

The Outpatient program uses a variety of therapies to ensure each child, from birth to age 21-years-old, is on the path to living an independent life. The program also provides therapies for children of all ages who have suffered from a sports related injury.

Astronaut Training is a program that connects the auditory, visual and vestibular systems. It is designed to enhance the dynamic interplay of moving, looking, and listening. It helps children who exhibit difficulties in with core strength, movement activities, vestibular processing, and motor coordination.

Interactive Metronome® is a therapeutic assessment and training program that improves attention, concentration, motor planning and sequencing. Improvements in those areas result in stronger motor-control and coordination, enhanced balance and gait, and improve language and cognition.

Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy are available to meet the individual and functional needs of children impacted by developmental, neurological and/or orthopedic conditions. Other areas targeted may include strengthening, range of motion, endurance, gait training, balance and coordination, oral motor/feeding, and sensory integration services.

Click here to open and print the Outpatient intake paperwork. Please bring the completed paperwork with you to your first appointment.

Inspirational Outpatient program client stories!

Maddie Manglass 2013It's About Quality, Not Quantity

One glance at Madeleine “Maddie” Manglass and an instant smile comes to your face. Maddie is an adorable, vivacious 13-year-old who loves listening to music, playing on the computer, adaptive skiing, and making people happy.

To read Maddie's full story, please click here.

Graciela Nieves

Inspiration Comes In a Tiny Package

At three years old, Graciela Nieves is already a true inspiration! In fact, it was her determined spirit and contagious smile that were the motivation behind the opening of the Easter Seals RI Pediatric Outpatient clinic. Born at just 23 weeks, a twin survivor and weighing only one pound, Graciela faced an incredible battle for survival.

To read Graciela's full story, please click here.

To watch Graciela's story, please click here.

Lilly PearceInspiration, Will and Drive

At three years old, Lilly aged out of Early Intervention and continued her therapies at a local school. However, these therapies did not include aquatic therapy, which Lilly benefitted from greatly. In 2011, when Easter Seals Rhode Island opened the Pediatric Outpatient Program—family-centered outpatient program that provides physical and occupational therapy services for children and young adults, through age 21, Lilly was one of the first clients to join the program participating in outpatient aquatic therapy.

To read Lilly's full story please click here.

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