Spotlight on: Shirley Miller

Shirley Miller Spotlight

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness month we're saluting Shirley Miller - who has not only gotten her life back on track with the help of our services, but is assisting others to do the same.

Meet Ms. Shirley Miller - one of the most positive and encouraging people you'll ever meet. To hear Ms. Shirley talk now you would never know she was having a hard time when she first came to Easter Seals.

At the onset of Ms. Shirley's initial treatment, she was at risk of becoming homeless and was unemployed due to symptoms of mental illness as well as grief and loss issues. After working with Easter Seals she successfully completed treatment in the MH Transitional Housing program and now participates in Intensive Case Management Services in Region 8.  She has also gone on to complete the training and education needed to become a certified Peer Support Specialist with the Office of Behavioral Health in Bastrop, LA  where she has been gainfully employed for over a year. Well liked by all, she is an important part of the OBH team where she mentors other mental health clients as well as provides support to other employees at the clinic. We had a little chat with Ms. Shirley to hear what she's up to these days. Her words of encouragement to others seeking help for mental or behavioral issues are simply inspiring. Here's to you Ms. Shirley!  

"Easter Seals is awesome," she raves.  "I never thought I'd be in such a great place in my life. I'm so much better than I was 3 years ago."

You've got such a great story to share. What do you want folks to know about dealing with mental and behavioral difficulties?

It's simple - being in a Mental Health program is not taboo. The only thing that matters is how you deal with your diagnosis.

Such a great point! What are you up to these days? 

I'm a Tech Specialist for the Extra Mile program in Region 8. I love it. I get to help others and provide them with the same opportunities that were given to me.

Are you still actively using Easter Seals services?

Yes. They follow up on me to ensure I'm meeting my goals that I've set for myself. They help me stay on track.

What would you want to tell others seeking assistance in dealing with mental and behavioral disorders?

Easter Seals and other programs are great because you are not a label to them. Their programs help you to proceed to the next level. But you have to be the one who wants to move forward with your life. You are not your diagnosis.

You're quite the inspiration to us all. Any last thoughts you'd like to add?

I'd like to tell others who find themselves in bad situations to move. Just keep moving forward. Regardless of what you might think, you can do this, no matter what the odds. The important thing is to just keep trying to get to the next level.

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