Spotlight On: Matthew McBride

Spotlight: Matthew McBride

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, Easter Seals spotlights one of our shining stars.

Meet Matthew McBride, a Slidell man known for his winning personality, high achievements and for being the main person on the dance floor at local live music shows. Easter Seals Louisiana is proud to spotlight Matthew on World Down Syndrome Day for setting a wonderful example of successful people living with Down Syndrome.

At 36, Matthew has recently won a silver medal with his STARC team at the Special Olympics tournament in Baton Rouge this month. Additionally, he belongs to Families Growing Together which supports a monthly dance and buffet once a month at Aldersgate Church where he attends services every Sunday.  Matthew even finds time to be part of a Chimes group that practices every week and is an avid artist. He paints once a week with his friends from STARC, and the paintings are on display (and for sale) at the Slidell Arts Festival twice a year.  Needless to say, he is busy and an active member of the community. All of this, Matthew does in addition to his job at Papa Johns where he's been a valued employee for 15 years.

Matthew has been a participant with Easter Seals since 2007 and his mom, Dana, says that working with the organization has enabled her son to lead a full and happy life. With quarterly meetings, Matthew and his parents work with their Easter Seals Support Coordinator to discuss and set goals for his future and to provide him assistance in his everyday life.

"Matt is allowed to do all of his activities because of our involvement with Easter Seals services," says Dana. "His PCA takes him to work and to all his activities and it really allows him to have a lot of freedom in his life."

By all accounts, Matt is one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. Genuinely interested in the emotional wellbeing of others, he has an amazing knack for remembering faces. "I've seen him hear that someone was having issues with their back and then next time he sees them, weeks later, run up, give them a hug, and ask them how they're feeling today," says his Mom.

Easter Seals is proud to recognize this amazing young man and to congratulate him on his recently won medal. Congrats Matt!

UPDATE (April 16, 2013):

We've just learned that Matthew was crowned King of the STARC Starlight Ball. Congratulations to King Matt! He's has also been perfecting his bowling game and bowled a Turkey last week - 3 strikes in a row!

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