Spotlight On: Mary found a home thanks to ESL!

Mary Spotlight Image

Homelessness is a complex and varied story for each person who experiences it. For most who experience homelessness it is a singular and short-lived event in their lives; however, for some it is not so simple. Mary, this month’s Client Spotlight, is one such person.

For her and so many others who experience chronic homelessness, the root causes are many and complex. For most, behavioral health plays an integral role in making what should be a fleeting experience into something that seems like it will never end.

In 2012, Mary was abandoned by her husband and was left homeless in Crossville, TN. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with a physical ailment and came to Shreveport seeking medical help. It wasn’t too long before Mary found herself living under a bridge near downtown Shreveport, once again homeless.

For four years, Mary found herself either run off or let down by groups and organizations that promised to help. Finally, in 2016 Mary was referred to Easterseals Louisiana – Intensive Community Engagement and on May 9, 2016 Mary’s homelessness was ended and she moved into her new apartment. Despite a rough start, housing brought the much-needed stability that Mary needed to take the first steps towards recovery.

In August of 2017, Mary started her first job in eight years working for a local university book store and was even able to reconnect with her daughter. Today, Mary is still living in her own place and continues to build the relationship with her daughter that she lost while being homeless for so long.

Mary is thankful for God, her Behavioral Health Providers, and those at Easterseals for supporting her on this journey and allowing her to once again have a place to call home. 

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