Meet Hazel and Journie


Hazel and Journie are identical twins that were born with Down Syndrome and hydrocephalus. Hazel

and Journie were born at 26 weeks and spent their first 4 months of life in the NICU. They came home

with G-tubes as they do not have the ability to eat by mouth. When the girls were 10 months old they

participated in an Early Intervention evaluation and began receiving therapy services due to their

developmental delays that accompany prematurity, Down syndrome, and hydrocephalus. Hazel and

Journie have been participating in physical therapy services through Easterseals for over a year and are

making huge gains. With the support of their therapist the girls have learned to roll, prop sit, and reach

for toys. They both struggle with gross motor abilities because of low muscle tone but with a lot of

practice, determination, and support from family and therapists they are overcoming their struggles and

getting stronger everyday.

Watch their story! 

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