Meet Benny


Benjamin “Benny” arrived as a surprise to this world as his birth mother did not know she was pregnant until she delivered.  Benjamin remained in NICU for 8 weeks after birth due to feeding coordination and reflux concerns.  Benny went home with his adoptive parents from the NICU.  Since coming home, Benny started having seizures and has since been diagnosed with Myoclonic Encephalopathy, Cortical visual impairment, mild apnea obstructive, and mild centralized apnea.  He requires constant oxygen support and is on a specialized Ketogenic diet to assist with seizure control as well as medications.  Benny started receiving Early Intervention services right away.  In March 2020, through the State of Illinois “stay-in place” order, therapy moved to a live video visit (teletherapy) model.  Therapists have been providing weekly live video visits with Benjamin and his parents and his three older adopted siblings.  Therapists have been able to problem solve and work with the family to provide suggestions and supports on different ways to play and engage with Benjamin so he continues to gain milestones during this time.  During the time of live video visits, Benjamin has learned how to consecutively roll across his living room carpet to move to or away from toys or people, is able to complete pull to sit, and is working on supported standing with his feet on the floor!!!  We can’t wait to see what Benjamin learns how to do next!!!

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