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What Does Your Local Easter Seals Center Do With Your Contribution?

Easter Seals East Georgia serves adults with disabilities and other barriers to employment.  The door is open to help individuals that are doing their best to overcome difficult odds -- services are not limited by a specific disease, injury or condition.  It is amazing, but last year Easter Seals served people with mental retardation, major depression, autism, dementia, diabetes, heart disorders, sickle cell anemia, speech disorders, hearing disorders, visual impairments, schizophrena, degenerative disc disease, amputees, stroke victims, adjustment disorders, and many more disabling conditions. 

When you give to Easter Seals, you can rest assured that your money is being used to help people find jobs.  It is creating opportunities and opening doors for people that just need a "chance" to change their life.

The Easter Seals East Georgia FY 2016 Annual Report will be posted after the audit process is complete.  

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