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A Letter to Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz

A Letter to Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz

Dear Honorable Senators: 

By the end of this week, I will have done the following: 

Amy Litzinger

All while keeping out of bed, bathed, dressed, fed, hydrated, toileted, staying healthy, put-together, and being transported.

I have quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, a pre-existing condition since birth. Everything you just read is the cumulative results of prior state and federal investment in me, and others with disabilities. Everything you just read depends on Medicaid long-term support services. Everything you just read is work. Everything you just read is about my healthcare, resistance, and self-care. I'm lucky that most days I love what I do.

If this list makes you tired, you're right and I agree with you. On any other year I would've claimed my exhaustion and thrown in the towel. Session's over! But this year rest is a luxury we don't have. We sleep when it's done! We sleep when this bill is dead! 

My life, my independence, my family members' lives, and my attendants' livelihoods hang in the balance. Please don't gamble with my ability to contribute and succeed, or America's continued investment in its people, with and without disabilities.  

Thanks for your consideration, 

Amy Litzinger

Amy Litzinger is a Policy Intern for Easterseals Central Texas, covering issues such as Employment, Housing, and Community Living. Amy has a BA in Political Science/English from Southwestern University, and recently finished a MATS degree at Austin Seminary. She serves on two state advisory boards and trains peers in advocacy.

Help Amy and millions of others fight to keep Medicaid. We urge you to call your senators to voice your opposition and explain why Medicaid is crucial for people with disabilities and their families.

Use This Call Script to Oppose Medicaid Cuts and Caps 

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