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Social Skills Group

Our social skills groups are designed to meet the specific needs of children, adolescents and teens living with Autism. It provides opportunities for group conversations and activities, community involvement, and trips to inclusive locations. In addition, siblings and peer models are planned into the group, offering social skills practice with inclusion in mind.

The program is ongoing and runs year-round at our West Allis facility, meeting two days per week in sessions of 2-3 hours. Children are enrolled for as long as the placement remains clinically appropriate and beneficial. Curriculum is adapted based on present level of socialization and measured progress within the group. Individual needs are assessed and concepts are presented to each participant at an appropriate level and pace. The curriculum is implemented by senior level staff and line interventionists. A board-certified Behavior Analyst is available for consultation and clinical supervision. 

Contact us today for an intake assessment. The enrollment process will include phone consultation of present needs, enrollment paperwork, initial assessment for placement determination and placement into the group within an appropriate timeline. Most insurances and CLTS Waiver are accepted and a self-pay option is available.

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