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feeding and swallowing clinic

Feeding and Swallowing Clinic

The Feeding and Swallowing Clinic was introduced into the Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation program in 2006.

The clinic is utilized by speech and occupational therapists in their efforts to help children overcome difficulties experienced in feeding and swallowing.

Feeding aversion, limited variety in diet, limited variety in texture, failure to thrive and reflux are a sampling of the issues the clinic is designed to improve.

The clinic takes a behavioral approach and therapists find that by making slight changes during each treatment session, mealtime experiences improve not only for the child, but also for parents and caregivers.

The Feeding and Swallowing Clinic is equipped with a variety of adaptive aids, such as weighted silverware and plates, bottles with special nipples and tools for oral-motor exercises. The clinic’s cupboards are stocked with foods that represent different textures and tastes, all used to help increase tolerance and encourage variety in diets. Progress made in therapy can be enhanced by carrying over newly learned techniques into the home environment. 

The Feeding and Swallowing Clinic is one of the many ways Easter Seals works to create solutions that change lives!

Suggested Criteria for a Feeding and Swallowing Evaluation:

  •  Chronic food refusal
  •  Feeding problems such as chewing, biting, swallowing and  sucking
  •  Difficulty with self feeding
  •  Chronic poor growth or compromised nutritional status
  •  Decreased variety of foods and volume of oral intake
  •  Transitioning from tube to oral feedings
  •  Feeding issues related to a medical, developmental or  psychological condition 

If you feel your child would benefit from a feeding evaluation, please contact us today! 

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