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Medical Rehabilitation

Promoting Independence and Quality of Life

Whether needing assistance with walking, sitting, dressing, talking, feeding or a variety of other issues, our team of occupational, physical and speech therapists are on hand to help individuals gain skills for greater independence.  

The outpatient medical rehabilitation program focuses on individuals 3 years and older from West Virginia and those from out of state between the ages of birth and adulthood.
A referral from the child's primary care physician is needed to start the evaluation process.

Occupational Therapy 
Occupational Therapy enhances fine motor skills and self-help skills of individuals who are affected by a physical, neurological and/or a learning disability or delay.  Occupational Therapists help children learn skills like play, self-care, dressing, eating and feeding, which allows them to be more self-sufficient in their daily lives.  Parents and caregivers are specifically trained in proper handling, positioning, self-care techniques and home exercise programs.  

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy helps children and adults improve the quality and efficiency of their overall movement, strength and coordination.  Our therapists work to teach skills such as walking, sitting, crawling and rolling.  Parents and caregivers also are trained in proper handling, positioning and home exercise programs.  

Speech Therapy
Our Speech Therapists treat individuals who have difficulty communicating because of a speech, hearing and/or language deficit or delay.  Through our R.E.A.C.H. (Real Experience with Augmentative Communication Hardware) Program, individuals have access to a complete assistive technology and augmentative communication lab.  Tools used in this lab range from basic picture boards to touch-screen computers.  A certified Audiologist also is available at Easter Seals to provide hearing tests.  Parents and caregivers are trained in activities and techniques, which may include sign-language, to encourage development outside of the therapy sessions.  

Social Work Services
Our social worker assists families in obtaining services at Easter Seals, as well as linking clients to available resources to help meet their individual needs and the needs of their family.  The social worker also works with families in obtaining insurance authorizations and orienting them to the policies of the Center.   

Medical Services
All therapy teams are under the direction of Dr. Ellen Kitts, our Center's medical director.  You can learn more about Dr. Kitts and her areas of practice by exploring this page.
In addition to overseeing our therapy team, Dr. Kitts also maintains her private practice on site and sees patients of all ages and ability levels.  


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