Meet Grant - Our 2023 Ambassador

Grant, Walk With Me, 2023, Ambassador

Grant, or “G Man” as his family calls him, was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, a severe seizure disorder, shortly after his first birthday.  In addition to seizures, Grant has global developmental delay and is autistic. As his seizures increased and milestones were being missed or lost, it became clear that the traditional preschool setting wasn’t going to work.  Enter Easterseals. 

Since starting Easterseals at 3 years old, Grant has grown more than his family could imagine.  When first enrolled, Grant was nonverbal and unable to communicate his wants and needs.  Grant’s mother, Kayla Cogley states, “just two short years later, Grant now communicates simple everyday things like wanting a drink of water or choosing what he’d like for breakfast.  It may not be “normal”, but it is Grant’s way and the family is forever grateful.” 

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