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Easterseals Western and Central PA is hosting a more inclusive Walk With Me experience. Choose how, when, and where you would like to walk: online, in your community, or with us in person in Pittsburgh or State College. Register now to support the disability community. Register by clicking the button below to find the walk closest to you.

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Our Mission Statement

For more than 100 years Easterseals has been the indispensable resource for people and families challenged by disabilities. Now as America faces a broad range of new issues, we make a major positive life-changing difference in the lives of people and families facing today's disabilities. Easterseals Western and Central Pennsylvania provides exceptional programs and services, in 47 Pennsylvania counties, to ensure that people with disabilities or other special needs and their families have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities.

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Coronavirus Update

Easterseals Western and Central PA continues to monitor the coronavirus situation.  Our priority is the safety, well-being and health of our many clients, families and associates. We are responsible to the communities we serve.  We will be collaborating with senior leadership, our Board of Directors and state/local/federal governments to be prepared to respond to any action needed.  Please check back for any updates.

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Easterseals Western and Central Pennsylvania

We're Walking in Sunshine - Register Today So You Can, Too!

Easterseals Western and Central Pennsylvania is excited to announce a more INCLUSIVE Walk With Me experience in Pittsburgh AND State College. Each of our Walk With Me events will be celebrated in our community online and in person in both Pittsburgh and State College. By supporting events like Walk with Me, you are helping to support the thousands of individuals who benefit from the Easterseals life changing programs and services. The Walk With Me fun kicks off in Pittsburgh from May 9 - 15 and will commence in State College from June 6- 12. Follow the link to learn more. Register today for the Walk in your neighborhood.

We don’t say it enough: your generosity helps us continue ensuring a brighter future for people with disabilities, veterans and seniors. Without you, Easterseals would not be what it is today. if you didn't have a chance to donate $10 and sign our card, there's still time!
Jessa enjoys her time in speech therapy where she is learning to communicate better with the help of Mrs. Annette! Annette Shearman, who has been with Easterseals for over thirty years is loved by all her students. Find out more about Annette and her work.
Riley, a 2 ½ years old, received Cochlear Implants in 2020. Riley and her family love working with Easterseals. Riley’s mother states, “We can never thank this program enough for what they have done thus far!” Read more about Riley.
May speech and hearing month
Hearing loss can affect every area of a person’s life, including physical health, mental health, career success, social life, personal relationships, and overall quality of life. Have your hearing checked today. Our Johnstown Division can help with questions.
office  olympix
While work is the priority at offices, sometimes employees just need to release some pressure. Here’s a great way to do it - the Wild, Wild West Office Olympix offered by our Johnstown Division on June 24th. Get the Registration brochure now.

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Featured Programs and Events

Claudine Speech and Hearing

Speech and Hearing Services

Hearing loss is one of the most common chronic health conditions in adults—yet far too often, it is left untreated. While many adults think hearing loss is simply a nuisance that comes with aging, it is much more. Hearing loss can affect every area of a person’s life, including physical health, mental health, career success, social life, personal relationships, and overall quality of life. Treatment can help!

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Camping and recreation

Camping and Recreation Co VID 19 Program Update

The safety, well-being and health of our many clients, families and associates are key priorities to Easterseals Western and CeVIDntral PA’s Camping and Recreation Program. We continue to monitor the CoVID 19 situation in conjunction with all local, state and federal agencies to ensure that our clients have a memorable camping experience. To that end, we have prepared a Camping and Recreation COVID-19 Action Plan. To find out more about the plan, read on. Questions? Contact us at 717-741-3891.

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Senior Care Man

Adult & Senior Day Services

Caring for a family member? You're not alone. According to the National Family Caregivers Association, more than one quarter of the adult population has provided care to a family member or friend during the past year. Easterseals Adult and Senior Services offer programs and resources to help you provide the best possible care for your spouse, parent, adult child or another loved one who needs assistance with daily living.

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When you make a donation to Easterseals, you help strengthen our mission to ensure everyone — regardless of age or ability — is fully included and empowered.

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