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Better Hearing & Speech Month

Jonstown PA, May 1, 2023

Media Contact:
Annette Shearman

To kick off Better Hearing & Speech Month our Speech Therapist and Audiologist, Annette Sherman, visited the Rainbow Room Preschool for Speech & Hearing Screenings. Early speech, hearing, Johnstowndetection of speech or hearing disabilities can stop later problems with behavior, learning, reading and social relationships.

Warning signs for Speech and Language Development:

  1. Cannot say “Mama” or “Da-da” by age 1.
  2. Cannot say the names of a few toys and people by the age 2.
  3. Cannot repeat common rhymes by age 3.
  4. Is not talking in short sentences by age 4.
  5. Is not understood bt people outside the family by age 5.

During Better Hearing and Speech Month Easterseals Johnstown/Somerset are very excited to have our new state of the art hearing booth! We are now able to check the hearing of children as early as 6 months!

Hearing difficulties can develop months or years after birth, making it critical that parents and caregivers are continually vigilant. Because unaddressed hearing loss can affect a child’s success academically and socially.   Hearing loss signs in children include the following:

  1. Does not alert to sound (birth – 3 months)
  2. Does not respond when you call their name (7–9 months)
  3. Does not follow simple directions (13–18 months)
  4. Shows delays in speech and language development (birth – 3 years)
  5. Has difficulty achieving academically, especially in reading and math.
  6. Is socially isolated and unhappy in school.

Find out more about Easterseals Western and Central PA’s Speech and Hearing services at

Easterseals Western and Central Pennsylvania is leading the way to 100% equity, inclusion, and access for people with disabilities, families and communities they live in by focusing on five “E’s” - Enriching Education, Enhancing Health, Expanding Employment, Engaging Community and Elevating Transportation. Through well-designed programs and activities based on best practices; early intervention and autism services coupled with medical rehabilitation assistance; workforce training and job placement; and community living, camping and recreation opportunities; and respite assistance among a myriad of other services, Easterseals continues towards accomplishing its mission.  For 104 years, Easterseals has been and will continue to be the indispensable resource concerning disabilities for our community.  For more information on ESWCPA and those we serve, visit  or find us on Facebook at


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