Call the Governor to Get Medicaid Rates Increased Today!

As any autism family will tell you, it's a struggle to get help for your child. They endure years of waitlists because ABA providers just don't have room for Medicaid patients.

But right now, you have a chance to change that.

Governor Inslee is considering a budget proposal that could make or break access to behavior therapy for people with autism.

We made landmark progress when we got the state to cover ABA therapy in 2014. But since then, Medicaid rates for ABA have never gone up. Leaving providers with the impossible choice of taking Medicaid until they go bankrupt, or severely limiting the number of Medicaid patients they accept.

In fact, Washington is one of the LOWEST paying states for ABA in the entire country!

Washington's Medicaid rates for ABA are often less than half of private insurance. For the exact same therapy.

So if you want kids with Medicaid to have equal access to care compared to individuals with private insurance, PLEASE call the Governor's office today. Let him know he needs to treat children with Medicaid fairly!

Call Governor Inslee's office today at:


and tell him:

"Hi, my name is [your name], from [Your City, WA].

I know that Governor Inslee is developing a budget proposal that he will present to the legislature. And I'm asking him to raise medicaid rates for ABA therapy by 40%. Our kids are losing access to care because Medicaid rates for ABA in Washington are the 12th lowest in the country, but Washington is the 3rd highest cost of living state.

ABA therapy providers simply cannot accept Medicaid patients with such low rates. And our kids are the ones who suffer.

[If you have a personal story about autism, you should share it here]

I urge Governor Inslee to support children with autism by increasing Medicaid rates for ABA by 40%."

You can also email the governor's office below. Just copy and paste the script above in your message.

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