Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart & Hope Fund Grants Easter Seals RI $5,000 For Critical Feeding Needs Programs

Wakefield, RI -- The Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart & Hope Fund graciously awarded Easter Seals RI $5,000 to provide specialized feeding services to Early Intervention and Feeding Group clients who have critical feeding needs.

“We are very happy to be able to support these families in our continued mission to provide financial, emotional, recreational and educational support to kids in RI, CT, and MA who are impacted by heart disease, congenital heart defects and severe feeding issues,” said Louise Dinsmore, co-founder of the Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart & Hope Fund.

Over the past five years, this amazing organization has provided $16,000 to Easter Seals RI to ensure young children with special needs get the very best start in life.

“We thank the Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart & Hope Fund for their continued commitment to serving children with special needs and disabilities,” said Susan Hawkes, Director of Children’s Programs. “At a time when many foundations and funders have cut or eliminated funding, the Heart & Hope Fund continues to be a leader for families in need.”

For more information about Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart & Hope Fund please visit,

About Easter Seals RI
Easter Seals RI provides exceptional services to ensure that all children and young adults with disabilities or special needs and their families have an equal opportunity to live, learn, work and play in their communities. Last year, Easter Seals RI served over 550 children and their families through programs and services provided. For more information about Easter Seals RI, please call 401-284-1000 or visit

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2015 Gabrielle Dinsmore Grant

In photo: Paula Viau Hann and Darlene Dubois of Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart & Hope Fund (far left and far right), and Easter Seals RI Early Intervention Therapist Cindy Dewhurst and Early Intervention clients Mason.

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