All In: Easterseals Plan for Disability Equity

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All In for Disability Equity

All In
for Disability Equity

Easterseals is leading the way in building inclusive, equitable work environments for people with disabilities and the greater community. We’re committed to collaborating with leaders across every industry to develop resources and tangible solutions.

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The time is now. We must advance meaningful DE&I efforts to drive systemic change across our workplaces – and disability must be included. Today, one in four people identify as having a disability. That’s one in four of your customers, clients, employees, colleagues, team, partners, stakeholders, vendors, and investors. Not to mention, your family and friends. Simply put, disability is the “D” in diversity.


Businesses can no longer afford to overlook this important and influential group with buying power (an estimated $22 billion) and tremendous value, perspectives and talents to contribute to our thriving economy. We need you … your passion, expertise and insights to realize a successful, fully inclusive movement for real change.

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Five Powerful Reasons to Hire People with Disabilities

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Innovative Thinkers, Ultimate Problem Solvers

People with disabilities are highly skilled at adapting to new or difficult situations. When a company taps a diverse talent pool, including people with disabilities, employers find their work force to be more productive, creative and better at problem solving.

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Reliable Employees

Despite common misconceptions, employees with disabilities are loyal, consistently rating higher than their non-disabled peers when it comes to the number of missed days at work, daily punctuality or adhering to a consistent work schedule, and staying on the job in their roles for longer tenures.

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Strong Work Ethic

People with disabilities are motivated to work. Research shows that having people with disabilities in the workplace improves staff morale, strengthens teamwork, and elevates both the quality and pace of work that other staff produce.

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Increase Profits

The majority of employers who have made the commitment -- evolving their diversity policies to be more inclusive to recruit, hire, and retain employees with disabilities -- have seen a positive impact on their bottom line, increasing productivity, customer loyalty and profitability.

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Customers Value Your Values

Socially responsible companies are more successful in today’s marketplace. Your business practices matter to customers, directly influencing their purchasing decisions. The overwhelming majority of consumers are more favorable to companies that have diverse, equitable and inclusive workforces, including people with disabilities on their teams and within their branding and marketing efforts.

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When you make a donation to Easterseals, you help strengthen our mission to ensure everyone — regardless of age or ability — is fully included and empowered.