Reassurance that Your Child Will Grow and Thrive

Everyday, our screening tool helps answer parents' questions about child development. No matter your child’s developmental pace or abilities, at Easterseals, we want to see your son or daughter to reach his and her greatest potential.

Here's some of our favorite stories that showcase the importance of regular milestone checkins for children under the age of five, and the impact early intervention therapies can make on a child’s life.

Photo of Story and Sage

Watch how twins Story & Sage, born at 25 weeks, are thriving!

Photo of Ben and his mother

After being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Ben shows what a difference a year makes! Watch his video and read his story.

Photo of Theresa Forthofer and her family

Brothers who were diagnosed with developmental delays at different stages of their childhood show the importance of early diagnosis.

Photo of kids

Two families share how Easterseals innovative inclusive childcare model helped to save their families.

Photo of Daniel and his mother

Daniel started treatment and therapy through the P.L.A.Y Project, for autism at age 2 ½. He now says “I love you, Mom.”

From childcare to physical therapy, discover all of Easterseals services that support children’s development.