Define Five

At Easterseals, we provide valuable child development services to help guide all parents through these early years. We know during this time, a child’s brain develops connections that serve as the basis for language, reasoning, problem solving, social skills and emotional well-being.

As an expert partner in your child’s well-being, we’ve enlisted the help of five active animals who represent each of the key growth areas most important to a child’s development:


Build strong relationships with your kids to make them feel safe to develop trust, explore, and learn. Healthy social and emotional development lets children cope with emotions and frustrations and navigate peer relationships.

Exploring and Learning

Allow kids opportunities to explore and problem solve from an early age so they can begin to understand the world around them.


Smile, talk, read and listen to your kids every chance you can to encourage language and reading development.


Act silly, play and interact with your kids. These experiences help guide social, emotional, language, physical and intellectual maturity.


Encourage kids to move—movements both big and small are important for physical growth.