Easter Seals Spokesperson and Blog Author

Patricia Wright, Ph.D., MPH
National Director Autism Services
Easter Seals (National, Chicago & Pittsburgh)

Patricia Wright, Ph.D., MPH, is the national director of autism services at Easter Seals. She is passionate about educating people on autism, and her extensive knowledge allows her to give presentations and conduct autism training around the world. She also stands as a national media spokesperson. Wright’s personal mission is to offer the support that makes it possible for individuals with autism to lead meaningful, happy and productive lives.

Wright is passionate about raising awareness for people living with autism. The effects of autism can be greatly reduced if children are diagnosed at a young age. Early detection gives children that critical window of opportunity and access to early intervention services and treatment – because the earlier the treatment begins, the better the outcomes. A leading expert in the field of autism, Wright’s advocacy and knowledge make her a fantastic interviewee.

Easter Seals is dedicated to ensuring that the first five years of life count for every child. Wright believes it’s important for children at risk of developmental delays, autism, or other disabilities to get the treatment and therapy the need before the age of five.