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dylan “Easterseals has changed everything for us. We are so relieved that Dylan is getting the therapy he needs. Aside from the wonderful therapists and staff, we are glad that it is close to home and all in one location.”
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Empowering Others

Spotlight:Sam One word to describe him: determined. For Sam, inclusion means being acknowledged and utilized, as well as respected for the contribution you make.
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Finding his voice

spotlight:odie One word to describe him: Sweet Odie's parents feel that he has been empowered a lot through his therapy, by being more in control of himself and his emotions and frustrations. A lot of that is because of his increased ability to communicate verbally, with signs, and with his iPad communication app.
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Leading the way

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Making Progress

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Oh Janie

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Sharing her Joy

Spotlight:Larkin One word to describe her: happy. For her family, inclusion is seeing others view Larkin in the way that they do. When individuals and teams hold the capacity for greater understanding of diverse minds and abilities, everyone will be empowered to create significant change. When individuals are empowered to nurture their gifts and create significant change, nothing is impossible. Larkin is unstoppable, and will blaze on in her path to changing the world.
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Support Our School

Uno Your support helps us provide the best experiences and increased resources to our students.
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