Our Mission

Our Mission

 Easterseals Central Illinois provides exceptional services to ensure that children with developmental delays, disabilities and other special needs can reach their full potential.

Our Vision for the Future

We envision our community, enriched by the diverse contributions of children who, from their very entrance into this world, are 100% included and 100% empowered.  To achieve that vision, we must rise to meet the complex and evolving needs of our community.

Our Centennial Campaign strategic initiatives include:

  • Expanding our autism services line to meet the rapidly growing need for local services and support 
  • Launching innovative initiatives, like The Alex Program, a first-in-the-region Cerebral Visual Impairment program
  • Leveraging technology-enabled care to provide the best experience for Easterseals families
  • Investing in capital upgrades and infrastructure to ensure best-in-class facilities
  • Growing our endowment to fulfill our promise for the next generation of children to be 100% included, 100% empowered.

 Learn more about our Centennial Campaign at EastersealsCampaign.com.

Comprehensive Pediatric Therapy

Kids. Therapy. Progress.  These three words define our passion.  At Easterseals we know that early identification of developmental delays in children, and therapeutic intervention to support development, make a big difference!  Our dedicated team of physicians, therapists and staff help children and families reach new milestones each and every day.  We provide a wide variety of services, supports and community education designed to promote progress.  Therapy at Easterseals is provided by credentialed and licensed therapists who specialize in pediatric services.  Therapists are credentialed and enrolled as providers for Early Intervention and major insurance companies.

Treatment Philosophy

All treatment and intervention services are based on focused, functional outcomes, or clear statements about skills and activities that reflect the changes that you and your child want to see as a result of therapy.  Functional outcomes are designed to maximize your child's practical skills such as movement, eating, communicating, getting dressed, interacting with others, or joining in family and community activites.  Functional outcomes provide a clear focus and direction for all our interventions. 

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