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Isaac, a joyful 9-year-old, has been receiving services from Easterseals Central Illinois since he was just 4 months old. Music fills his days, and he finds happiness in swimming, swinging, and hugging his loved ones. Recently, he embarked on an incredible journey of progress through pool therapy at Easterseals Central Illinois. This change has transformed his life, making him happier, more engaged, and more enthusiastic about therapy. In the water, he's working on essential skills, achieving milestones like reaching for pool toys and even playing with a big beach ball. The impact of pool therapy has been profound, and Isaac's story showcases the power of love, dedication, and therapy.

Isaac pool therapy

Easterseals Central Illinois is proud to be a part of Isaac's remarkable journey, and we invite you to be a part of it too. Your support can help children like Isaac reach their full potential and achieve the impossible. With your generosity, we can continue providing vital therapies and services to children who need them most. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities and bring more smiles, laughter, and success. Join us in supporting Isaac's journey to success.

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