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Say Hello To Alex

Alexander Timothy Camacho, Alex, was born a healthy, premature baby in April 2007 to Ben and Angie Camacho and 3-year-old Zach. While under routine premature care in the nursery, the Camacho's received a devastating call from the nurses: "You need to return to the hospital immediately. Your baby is dying."

Alex, with a 10% chance of surviving, is now 13 years old. He battled through that inciting event that caused brain damage and continues to battle obstacles every day. The first three years of his life were spent in doctor's offices, resulting in evaluations that never gave his parents any comfort of hope, or even a firm diagnosis of what they were facing.

When Alex was 5 months old, his pediatrician recommended Easterseals Central Illinois for assistive therapy. Since his time with Easterseals, Alex has made great strides and reached many milestones through Feeding & Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Swim Therapy and more.

 Though Alex has had many diagnoses and labels, he is an extraordinary kid who has touched lives and spread joy in so many ways. He adores music, riding his bike, school and the neighbor dog, Piper.

Team Alex Takes Action

While working through his initial diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, Alex's family began to realize that Alex was having trouble with vision. At 7 months old, Alex was diagnosed with Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI), a neurological visual impairment, meaning the eyes functionally work but do not communicate with the brain effectively. CVI is the #1 cause of visual impairment in children in the developed world. But despite this grim fact, there is hope because with therapeutic intervention CVI is treatable.

While treatment for CVI is known, it is not widely available. Determined to help other families and children in Central Illinois receive evaluation, treatment and support for CVI, Rock the Farm, a fundraising concert benefiting Easterseals Central Illinois was born. Team Alex, a team of Alex's family, produces the concert to finance and sustain CVI treatment at Easterseals Central Illinois -- benefiting Alex and many other children with this diagnosis. This is an exciting year. With the funds raised over our seven years of Rock the Farm, Easterseals Central Illnois is launching The ALEX program for CVI. We're doing this together. Thanks to the generosity of our many community sponsors, your contributions through attending Rock the Farm or donating to Team Alex go directly to furthering the education, awareness and treatment of CVI for many children and families. Thank you!

Support Team Alex

You can make a donation to Team Alex and directly support The ALEX Program for CVI by clicking here. ​

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