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Warm Water Therapy Pool at our Peoria Facility

The warm water therapy pool at Easterseals is a fully accessible pool with water depths ranging from three to five feet, and a water temperature maintained at 92 degrees Fahrenheit.  The warm water is beneficial because it allows muscles to relax to provide easier movement and exercise, which can be therapeutic for certain medical conditions.

 Easterseals offers warm water therapy using specifically designed treatment activities by qualified personnel to aid in the restoration, extension, maintenance and quality of function for persons with acute, transient or chronic disabilities, syndromes or diseases.  All warm water therapy is provided under the supervision of a licensed therapist.

Warm water therapy uses the three main principles of water, which are bouyance, pressure, and resistance.  Buoyancy provides assistance and support.  It allows a person to exercise with decreased stress on weight bearing joints, bones, and muscles and allows the joints to work through a greater range of motion.  Pressure of the water helps circulate blood from the lower extremities to the heart, often reducing any swelling in the ankles and feet.  Resistance that water provides can be felt in any direction, thereby promoting muscle balance and strength.

Warm water therapy has both physical and psychological benefits.

Physical Benefits:
•Decreased pain levels
•Improved range of motion
•Improved balance and coordination
•Improved trunk stability and postural alignment
•Improved perceptual and spatial awarenessStephanie and Liam
•Improved motivation
•Improved muscular strength and endurance
•Improved circulation
•Improved functional independence

Psychological Benefits:
•Improved self-image
•Enhanced mood
•Helps relieve stress and tension
•Renewed energy
•Promotes a positive attitude

Special features of the facility include:
•Wheelchair accessible locker rooms and shower rooms
•Private locker room for individuals who need assistance dressing
•Stair and wheelchair wet ramp access into the pool
•Hand rails along the inside of the pool wall
•Two sets of parallel bars positioned at different depths in the pool to assist patients with walking and balance activities
•Walk-in whirlpool area located inside the pool
•Swim-Ex jet, which provides resistance training for swimming, walking or running.

A prescription from a physician and a thorough land evaluation is required prior to the initial warm water therapy session.

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