Assessment Services

Easterseals Central Illinois is committed to meeting the daily needs of individuals with Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) by building a family centered, collaborative relationship between an individual with CVI, their family, school personnel, and other providers (caseworkers, outpatient therapists, etc…). Multiple assessments will identify the family and school needs; assess functional vision and support the whole team. When a family or school refers an individual with CVI for assessment, they will experience these three components as detailed below.

Identification of Team Needs

Upon referral, the Easterseals Care Coordinator will work with the family and school to identify team members and obtain supporting documentation, videos, and records. Information needed prior to assessment includes:

Top 3 concerns from the family and school

Demographic and Medical Social History 

Consents for Release of Information- School, medical providers, therapists etc… 

Consent to evaluate and to store/share video

Medical/ School Reports

IEP- Functional Vision Assessment, Learning Media Assessment, Orientation and Mobility Assessment

Low Vision Evaluation

3-4 video clips in familiar environments- home and school setting 

  • Gross motor – walking, rolling
  • Fine motor – eating, handwriting, reaching

2 video clips in unfamiliar environments- if possible

School work samples

Care team questionnaires

Assessment of Current Functioning

Teachers of students with visual impairments (TVI) who have expertise in CVI will conduct the assessments.  The assessment will include a Functional Visual Assessment and a Learning Media Assessment using tools specifically selected to meet the needs of the individual. The assessment is scheduled for 90 minutes.

Report- Post assessment, the assessors will generate a comprehensive report that includes findings from the assessment along with recommendations for supports and strategies for home and school. Topics covered in the report will also include functional vision, learning media, and expanded core curriculum. The report will be distributed to team members prior to the team meeting.

Team Meeting- After the assessment report is distributed, Easterseals will host a virtual team meeting with Easterseals TVI’s, family, school personnel and other identified team members. The team meeting is designed to review the assessment findings and recommendations, answer questions, facilitate collaborative brainstorming and provide consistency across environments and providers. The team meeting is scheduled for 90 minutes.

Support for Home and School

Virtual one-hour consultation: A free, one-hour consultation with an Easterseals TVI will be provided within one month of the team meeting. The family will choose if they want the virtual consultation for help at home or for the consultation to happen with school personnel. If the assessment is completed as a contract agreement with a school or outside entity, the contracted party will automatically receive the free hour of consultation. 

Additional Support- Additional consultation is available for families and school personnel at a fee for service rate. To discuss consultation needs and hourly rates please contact Jennifer Simpson at the email below.


Visual assessments are available for Illinois residents who are under 21 years of age and have a medical diagnosis of Cerebral Visual Impairment.

Referrals can be made by a parent, school personnel, outpatient therapist, or medical professional. 

To make a referral or for more information regarding visual assessment through the Alex Program for CVI, please contact Jennifer Simpson, Manager of Care Coordination and Family Support at

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