Sharing her Joy


One word to describe her: happy.

Larkin loves everyone.  She is genuinely interested in people (especially babies) and enjoys getting up close and personal.  She loves to sing, draw, and play pretend.  She has an amazing memory and capacity to learn amazing facts -from music composers to move characters, and fun trivia in between.

Her parents’ dream for her is that she will always hold on to the amazingly joyful and silly spark that she has had since she was born.  She has an impressive array of interests, and her parents hope she can carve out paths of understanding that may not already be laid.  They believe she will show the world her creative side, and fill the voids in society that we may not even know need filled.

For her family, inclusion is seeing others view Larkin in the way that they do.  When individuals and teams hold the capacity for greater understanding of diverse minds and abilities, everyone will be empowered to create significant change.  When individuals are empowered to nurture their gifts and create significant change, nothing is impossible.

Larkin is unstoppable, and will blaze on in her path to changing the world.



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