Oh Janie


One word to describe her: “Oh Janie”

Oh Janie… she is a go getter! Her mom shares that her family works with her on trying everything to see what they need to do to get her to maintain a situation long term. However, Janie loves dressing up, playing at parks, pools, and oceans, and anything to do with water – her family says that “the sea sets her free”! (“That is why we utilized the warm water therapy at Easterseals every Saturday since she was three.”) She loves jumping on her trampoline and riding her bike – which she can do just recently without training wheels!  She is very active, and loves Minnie Mouse.

Her family’s dream for Janie’s future is that she is able to care for herself and go to school with others in a “normal” environment. For them, inclusion means that Janie is a part of something greater than just having autism. It really means that we as a family unit just do things a little differently. Being empowered to her family means to make Janie stronger and more confident in herself to achieve her goals and be able to take life head on. “We try everything once and we all learn from our Janie to make the situation better for next time.”

Her mom shares that “Janie has hit so many milestones since we have been an been at Easterseals, it’s so hard to just define one. I will say that we have been well taken care of at Easterseals and Charlie Jane is excelling with the program at the Easterseals Learning Academy. We are so blessed!”

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