This year, we dedicate our 30th Annual Easterseals Tribute to our common threads — the shared values that connect our community yesterday, today and tomorrow. At Easterseals, we celebrate our threads of family, friendship, love, joy and growth. What's your thread?

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Easterseals Central Illinois provides exceptional services to ensure that children with developmental delays, disabilities and other special needs can reach their full potential.

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Our therapist have compiled a library of resources for you and your family! Find games, therapy activities and more to keep your child engaged and on track over the summer months.
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This year, we dedicate our 30th annual tribute to Our Common Threads – the values that have wo…

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100% Included. 100% Empowered.

Finding his voice

Odie's parents feel that he has been empowered a lot through his therapy, by being more in control of himself and his emotions and frustrations. A lot of that is because of his increased ability to communicate verbally, with signs, and with his iPad communication app.

Empowering Others

Meet Sam Miller For Sam, inclusion means being acknowledged and utilized, as well as respected for the contribution you make.

Making Progress

One word to describe her: Joyous Blessing and her family have been so willing to share every step of her physical therapy journey with us, and watching her progress will bring a smile to anyone's face.

Sharing her Joy

For her family, inclusion is seeing others view Larkin in the way that they do. When individuals and teams hold the capacity for greater understanding of diverse minds and abilities, everyone will be empowered to create significant change. When individuals are empowered to nurture their gifts and create significant change, nothing is impossible. Larkin is unstoppable, and will blaze on in her path to changing the world.

Oh Janie

“Janie has hit so many milestones since we have been an been at Easterseals, it’s so hard to just define one. I will say that we have been well taken care of at Easterseals and Charlie Jane is excelling with the program at the Easterseals Learning Academy. We are so blessed!”

Leading the way

Bryce was the first child through the Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic at Easterseals in January of 2003. He loves to keep busy through helping around the house and in the community, and to be creative through art projects, singing, dancing, and acting in the Penguin Project, which produces musicals every year staring individuals with disabilities and their peer mentor

Latest News

milestone makers front page

Monthly Giving Program

Your monthly gift of any amount will help children with developmental delays and disabilities progress toward their milestones, every month. There’s no more powerful way to help ensure all children are 100% included and 100% empowered!

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Kamari Washing Hands

Caregiver Quicklinks

We are working hard to keep our families and staff safe, and informed. Check out our caregiver quicklink page for information on our services, policies and more

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The ALEX program homepage

The ALEX Program for Cerebral Visual Impairment

The ALEX Program for CVI was established in 2020 thanks to the tireless efforts of Alex's family and care team. The ALEX Program brings together some of the nations foremost experts in Cerebral Visual Impairment to provide access to experts closer to home, increase awareness of CVI amongst professionals, and provide resources for those working alongside those impacted by CVI.

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When you make a donation to Easterseals, you help strengthen our mission to ensure everyone — regardless of age or ability — is fully included and empowered.

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