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Children and adults with disabilities and special needs find highest-quality services designed to meet their individual needs when they come to Easter Seals. Teams of therapists, teachers and other health professionals help each person overcome obstacles to independence and reach his or her personal goals. Easter Seals also includes families as active members of any therapy program, and offers the support families need.

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As the largest provider of disability-related services, Easter Seals offers military and veterans systems of care with viable options to support and augment current reintegration efforts.

Child Care

The focus of Easter Seals Child Care is to encourage a positive and safe learning environment for all children in a licensed setting. Learn more about our philosophy by reading our brochure.

Universal Preschool

Through a partnership with Ohio County Schools, Easter Seals is proud to be a licensed site for their Universal Preschool program.Universal Preschool is a free program for all four year olds and three year olds with special needs. 

Autism Diagnosis and Treatment

For over 20 years, Easter Seals has been diagnosing autism, under the direction of Ellen L.Kitts, MD. During this time there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people with autism that Easter Seals serves. So, in keeping with the mission to create solutions that change lives, Easter Seals has put together a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to not only diagnose autism but help the families get the answers and services that they need.

West Virginia Birth to Three Early Intervention Services
The first three years of life are the building blocks to future learning, growth and development.  Families from the State of West Virginia with a child age birth to three years with a developmental delay, diagnosed disability or who is at risk for a developmental delay might be eligible to receive services through this program.  

Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation: Promoting Independence and Quality of Life

Whether through a birth condition, injury or illness, our outpatient medical rehabilitation services -- including occupational therapy, physical therapy,speech therapy, social work services, audiology and medical services -- are the first steps toward helping children and adults with disabilities gain greater independence.

Medical Services: Specializing in the Care of Individuals with Special Needs

As a pediatric physiatrist, our medical director brings a specific knowledge of children with developmental differences, physical medicine and rehabilitation.  The medical services department provides specialized medical care and training to clients, both children and adults, who have loss of functions.

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