Meet Sophia and Jessa Sheehan

Sophia and Jessa, AmbassadorsMeet Sophia and Jessa Sheehan! The sisters share many things, but most notoriously share the challenges of Childhood Apraxia of Speech. This diagnosis is not for the faint of heart! Miss Annette Shearman has helped not only my children grow in their enunciation, intelligibility, motor planning, but also serves as a great resource for me. Miss Annette has helped me think about what my girls need to be successful in the school setting. When we started at Easterseals, Sophia was about 4 years old with approximately 3-5 words in her vocabulary. Today, most people can understand about 80% of what she says! Sophia is now in 5th Grade and doing well! Working on her speech and planning full proper sentences! Miss Annette helped me come to the realization that my youngest daughter, Jessa, also had apraxia of speech. Jessa was a little over 1 when she began her journey. She was around 3 when she was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech officially. She displayed poor muscle control around her lips, open mouth all the time, very few words, and I’m sure I’ve left much out. Jessa is now in 2nd grade and doing well!

Looking back at where we started, I know we would not be where we are today without Miss Annette. She’s improving the lives of our children. I could never thank her enough for what she has given my children…. a voice of their own!

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