Workforce Development

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As of 9/1/16, Easterseals Workforce Development will be located at:
3100 Bucklin Hill Rd Ste. 116
Silverdale, WA 98383

One of the most important components of independent living is gainful employment.  People with disabilities want to work, and studies show that they are often more reliable and efficient than their fellow employees without disabilities.  Yet, 65% of people with disabilities remain unemployed.

The Easter Seals Workforce Development Program sees a decent job for a person with a disability as the cornerstone of self reliance and independence.  We give support to people with disabilities, such as job coaching and transportation, so that their skills, not their disabilities, are the emphasis of their employability.  We work with employers and employees to transcend workplace barriers and give people with disabilities the tools to maintain employment and advance their careers.

Employment Services
Successful employment can mean greater independence and bring pride in all that is accomplished.

Employment Preparation
Gaining employable skills through volunteer work and learning about community resources.

Community Access
Individuals with disabilities over 62 years of age may be retired but still need that one-to-one support to access their community for everyday activities.

NEW Partnership with Pierce Transit's SHUTTLE Service

Kristina Wons and Ryan Selberg

When Pierce Transit officials wanted to ensure accurate, timely and comprehensive assessments for their riders with disabilities, they called Easter Seals Washington.  The two agencies have now joined hands to help bus riders qualify for the most appropriate services.  The new partnership matches Easter Seals' expertise and cutting edge assessment tools with Pierce Transit's long track record of excellence in public transportation.

Ryan Selberg and Kristina Wons, Easter Seals Washington staff pictured here, will soon be assessing 12 bus riders per month.  They will be able to tell Pierce Transit representatives each rider's ability to safely navigate busy streets, read online bus schedules, properly communicate with passengers, and other key tasks that commuters deal with each day.  The transit authority will then have objective data to determine the riders eligibility for either routed or door-to-door service.

"It is exciting to be part of the transportation solution," responded April Montgomery, Easter Seals Washington Program Director.  "We will deliver the award-winning FACTS assessment through an iPad application for quick results that Pierce Transit can access with the click of a mouse."

For more information on Easter Seals Workforce Development and Transportation Solutions, contact Kristina Wons



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