Ashley's School to Work Journey

A story of success from Easterseals Workforce Development in Silverdale

Ashley at Work

Ashley has big plans for her future and wanted to find a job to help achieve her dreams. When she came to Easterseals Workforce Development as a School to Work client, we constructed an individualized employment plan and helped Ashely secure interviews at multiple businesses in the area. One of those businesses, Poulsbo Inn & Suites, was very interested in meeting with Ashley and had an opening for a housekeeper.

We helped Ashley with interview prep (how to dress, updating a resume, and sample interview questions) and she took over from there. Ashley headed to her interview—resume in hand—and nailed it! Now, she works 3 days a week as a housekeeper at Poulsbo Inn and loves her job.

Recently, Ashley met with her Employment Consultant, Alethia Acosta, for a Q&A about her new job, her favorite hobbies, and everything in between.


Alethia: What do you like most about your job?

Ashley: It’s fun, cleaning the rooms.

Alethia: What are some of your daily tasks at work?

Ashley: Making the beds, cleaning the bathrooms, and vacuuming.

Alethia: What did you do to prepare for your interview?

Ashley: We worked on how to look nice, talk professionally, and updated my resume.

Alethia: Where do you see yourself in the future?

Ashley: Getting married and having kids.

Alethia: Where else do you want to work?

Ashley: NCIS television show as an actress. I'm Rocky’s biggest fan!

Alethia: What are some things you enjoy doing outside of work? Any hobbies?

Ashley: I enjoy coloring, singing, dancing, and exercising. Some of my hobbies are learning about history and dinosaurs.

Alethia: Do you enjoy working at Poulsbo Inn?

Ashley: Yes, it is very cool and I’m learning a lot!


At Easterseals Workforce Development in Silverdale sees a paid job for a person with a disability as the cornerstone of self-reliance and independence. We work with employers and employees to transcend workplace barriers and give people with disabilities the tools to maintain employment and advance their careers. Learn more

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