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Operation Family Caregiver
Easterseals Washington is proud to have been selected as the new Operation Family Caregiver provider in Washington State. Operation Family Caregiver provides free and confidential support to the families of those who have served our nation. We help the families of returning service members and veterans adjust to the "new normal" by coping more effectively with problems they never imagined.

Additional Military Services

Easterseals Washington serves a number of military families through our Olympic Peninsula Autism Center, our Child Development Centers, and the Kitsap County Parent Coalition.

More Community Resources
Nationwide, as many as 54 million Americans have a disability. Maybe your neighbor has an injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident, or your coworker has a child with cerebral palsy. Your grandmother may be recovering from stroke -- or maybe you are one of every five Americans with a disability. Look around you, and you'll find people of all abilities who are vital participants in their communities despite the barriers they may encounter.

What to Wear PSA

Easterseals Washington is working to change the conversation about veterans and military families and prioritize getting veterans in Washington state back to work.   

As the wars recede from the minds of the American public, we can’t forget about veterans and their families.  In the latest effort to promote veterans as esteemed employment candidates, Easterseals Dixon Center, Easterseals’ national military and veteran strategic initiative, released “What to Wear.”  

Rob Riggle, a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, actor and comedian, stars in the latest installment of this award-winning PSA series that uses light humor to reinforce the valuable contributions returning veterans make in America's workforce.  

The spot, staffed by an all veteran crew, was directed by Air Force Veteran and rising director Jim Fabio, who was awarded a mentorship by Easterseals friend, Jud Apatow.  With Easterseals’ help, Apatow has employed veterans on the sets of his most recent film projects.

We encourage you to watch the hilarious spot and learn more about our Military and Veterans Initiative and our Resources.  Plus, catch up on the whole PSA "trilogy" here as well as behind-the-scenes exclusives here.

Easterseals Dixon Center

Easter Seals Dixon Center

We believe our veterans and military families can succeed where they live. Our mission is to ensure that's possible in every community. We work to break down barriers, drive a new conversation about the potential of our veterans, engage organizations and communities, and connect veterans and military families with what they need for meaningful employment, education and overall wellness. Our national credibility and community-based reach – through 73 affiliates and 550 service sites – provide an unmatched, accessible resource and support for veterans and military families.

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